Applications for Training

Applicants for the Full Analytical Psychotherapy Training leading to BPC Registration

Before application you must have been in individual, twice weekly psychotherapy with a suitable analyst (see page 10 of the Prospectus) for at least 12 months

The application period is currently closed and will reopen on the 1st September 2024 (deadline for submissions is the 31st January 2025).

For anyone considering applying, members of the Training Committee are more than willing to have an informal conversation to discuss any queries arising after reading the Prospectus. Please contact Sue Harford, Administrator to the Training Committee via to arrange.

An example application form can be downloaded below and there is an application fee to cover the cost of interviews and administration.

As a guideline to the process, applicants are asked to provide details of: the name and professional membership of their therapist or analyst; the frequency and duration of their personal psychotherapy; two referees, including one supervisor (if currently working in a clinical setting this should be the current supervisor). They are also asked to write about the important events in their lives and about why they wish to do an Analytical Psychotherapy training and to give details of their clinical experience. After considering all this information, the Training Committee will then either ask the applicant to be interviewed or will decline the application.

Selected applicants have at least two individual interviews with experienced analytical psychotherapists or analysts. In order to widen the thinking about the applicants, interviewers are not members of the Training Committee. The assessment policy of the Training Committee is to ask the interviewers to consider the suitability of the applicant in accordance with the statement of our ethos and aims, and, in a report, to make an explicit recommendation on the basis of their experience of the interview.

Training Committee considers the interviewers’ reports and recommendations, and on the basis of these may invite an applicant to attend a group selection activity at which members of Training Committee will be present.

The individual interviewers’ reports together with the application forms and references and the outcome of the group activity are considered by the Training Committee who make the final selection decision.

Any member of the Training Committee who has a patient applying to the course is not present for any part of the discussion of that application and does not receive copies of the application documents. This applies also if the applicant is known to a training committee member in another capacity which might present a boundary conflict.

Cost of Training

Training is self-financed and non-profit making. The fees are therefore the cost of providing teaching and administration divided by the number of trainees, less any other income. The trainee’s therapy and supervision costs are negotiated with the therapist concerned and are over and above the costs of the training fees.

1. Application Fees

An Application Fee of £230 should be enclosed with the application form. The fee covers the cost of the application and selection process, which includes at least two assessment interviews and a group selection activity. The cost of travel for interview is the responsibility of the applicant.

In the event of an applicant not being selected for interview, £100 of this fee is refunded.


2. Course Fees

The Course fee during the first four years of the training covers the cost of teaching seminars, public lectures, tutor and essay reader fees and administration. Costs for the fourth year are reduced as the seminar programme is less intense.

It is not unusual for the training to continue beyond the four year seminar programme in order to complete the clinical requirements. In the fifth and any subsequent years the termly fee will be reduced by the cost of the teaching seminars.

The Course fee, and when applicable, the Infant Observation fee, are payable termly in advance.

As a guideline, in the year 2023 – 2024, trainees pay a fee of £1030.00 per term. Those trainees continuing into year 5 of their training pay a fee of £410.00 per term.

Applicants for the Infant Observation Course

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Analytical Psychotherapy Training

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