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We hold personal data on two groups of people:

  • Members
  • Non-Members

The personal data held about non-members falls into the following categories:

  • Name and contact details of non-members who have attended or expressed interest in our events
  • People who have signed up to our newsletter
  • Records of training courses attended
  • Records of CPD events attended

so that they can be informed about activities which may be of interest to them: training courses, seminars, conferences.

For more detailed information please download and read the following WMIP documents:

If you have any questions or concerns aboutprivacy and security of your data held by us please email

We value you as a visitor to our websites and we respect your privacy. Any information you send via email or a form on this site will be treated carefully and confidentially.


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You can set your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent.  Cookies pose no risk since they do not contain any code – so can’t act as a virus in any form or spy on your PC content to compromise security.

This site only uses cookies for Google Analytics which we use to generate visitor statistics and learn about how the site is being used so we can make improvements to the content and design. It does not personally identify you or your computer. However, if you don’t want cookies please turn off the cookie setting in your browser. More about cookies >>

Copyright of content and photos

The copyright of the content of this website belongs to JTC unless otherwise stated or is obviously a quote from another source. The photos and images on this site are copyright of the originator or someone else. Please do not just copy them without asking. If you would like to use the images please contact our webmaster at   who will check whether it is possible to use them and what the terms would be.

Links to other websites

There are many links to external websites which provide useful or additional information (e.g. training organisations, event organisers, other AHP organisations, NHS sites etc). The links are provided in good faith. However, we are obviously not in control of the content of those sites. If you have any problem with an external link for example if the linked-to page no longer exists or the content is inappropriate please let our webmaster know immediately email


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Members site

We have a site for our graduates and trainees who have been provided with user name and password to access these resources.

Contact us:

Sue Harford,
Administrator to the Training Committee,
Unit 1A, West Stockwith Park,
Stockwith Road,
Nottinghamshire. DN10 4ES.

tel: 07789 545908    email: